5 Signs that Your Garage Door Needs to be Replaced

A garage door is a complicated system that works when you close and open the door. It is an important component of your house; it’s a great investment so you should take good care of it. It needs to be kept in good condition to work properly and not cause unwanted accidents. Once your garage door fails, it could be very dangerous. Anyone can have injuries once it fails to work the way it used to. You also have to be attentive of the signs your garage door is showing you so you would when to replace or repair your failing garage. The following are the 5 signs.  

Garage Door 

The Door Won’t Open or Close 

One of the most obvious signs that a garage door is failing is when it doesn’t open or close whatever you do, whether you have an automated door or remote controlled. If the door still doesn’t open or close even you try to a lot of times, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong with the garage door.  

The Door Shakes 

Garage door in Lawrenceville GA, especially the modern ones, is designed to open and close smoothly, and also silently. If the door makes unusual creaking sounds or shakes when you open/close it, it means it has broken parts or already rusting spring. If you don’t know how to inspect the garage door, call a professional to inspect it inside out. Once the professional finds a broken section in the bottom of the door, most likely the garage door should be replaced.  

The Door Doesn’t Close or Open Immediately 

The garage door is also designed to open and close immediately for your convenience, but if it doesn’t do that anymore then clearly there’s something wrong with the door already. There must be a problem with the door parts or the system itself.  

The Door is Sagging 

It is also important to determine if your garage door is balanced or not. The balance is important for garage doors. To do this, manually open the door, bring about waist height and let go. If the door is still functioning well, it won’t fall or rise. But if it’s already failing, it means the parts of the door like the tension spring are broken. You might consider a major repair for your garage door, or if the damage is already worse then you need to replace it.  

Increase in Utility Bills 

If there’ s a pike in your utility bills even though you’re still consuming the same amount of energy as before, then the old garage door is to be blamed. Once the garage door’s insulation fails, the HVAC unit is working really hard so the garage is heated during the cold days and cooled during the hot days. Ditch that old garage door you have and try the modern one which is equipped with high-performance insulation.  

If you notice one or two of the signs above, consult a professional right away.  

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